Windsor Real Estate Information

Between the cities of Healdsburg and Santa Rosa is the city of Windsor. This northern California city is known for its beautiful surroundings and homey feel much like the other cities within the Sonoma County wine-making region. Real estate here is perfect for those looking for peace and quiet away from the city and still having the city within reach.

Land in Windsor was first purchased through an office in San Francisco, with acres selling for $1.25 in 1853. The only difference in the land was whether it was in the river bottom or in the hills. One land proprietor had insisted on having a hill property, believing the riverbed to be swampy and hard to work. It turns out, however, that the riverbed land was richer in minerals and was perhaps the best farmland within the Sonoma County. Agriculture had been a large part of Windsor’s growth through the 1900s, with many orchards and vineyards being cultivated on its land.

As settlers began moving in, many of them came from European countries and had retained much of their cultural heritage. In fact, Windsor received its name from a pony express rider who believed the land here resembled the grounds around the Windsor Castle in England. This harmonious mix of cultures in Windsor has remained in this town throughout the years making it a great place to live and feel welcomed.

Aside from the healthy and fertile farmland, the weather in Windsor is mild. Winters here range between 30-60 degrees Fahrenheit while summers range between 50-80 degrees. Because of these mild outdoor conditions, you know that you’ll have lots of time to spend outdoors. There are six community parks, which include a skate park and soccer park, in addition to thirteen neighborhood parks and three regional parks. You will never run out of outdoor space while living in Windsor. While unlikely, if you ever feel the need to leave, you have Healdsburg to the north and Santa Rosa to the south for visiting.

Windsor is a great place to live because of the cool climates and beautiful scenery. The blend of cultures here makes it an easy transition for anyone new to the area. By purchasing a property here, you can ensure that you’ll have a comfortable and peaceful life within this town in Sonoma County.