Sonoma Real Estate Information

West of the famous Napa Valley wine region is Sonoma, another center of wine-making. Properties here are surrounded by miles of vineyards in this lush and verdant valley. Amidst all the greenery, the town of Sonoma is rich in both culture and history, making it a great place to visit, but most especially to live. The tight-knit nature of this town only adds to the charm, and makes real estate here particularly appealing.

Sonoma and its surrounding area was originally home to the Coast Miwok tribe, the Pomo people and the Wintuns. Eventually, the Spanish settled down in the area and establish the Mission San Francisco Solano. It was at this mission that the wine-making tradition started in California. Mexico acknowledged Sonoma as a city in 1835. Sonoma is actually the first place to fly the Bear Flag, which was done in revolt against the Mexican control of California. It was the capital of California for 25 days until Mexico ceded the Southwest to the United States.

Because of Mexico’s heavy influence on Sonoma, much of the town is centered on the Sonoma Plaza, and buildings such as Captain Salvador Vallejo’s Casa Grande and the Presidio of Sonoma surround it. This building is a National Historic Landmark, and many tourists flock here throughout the year. It isn’t for tourists only, however, as many of the town’s local festivals and celebrations are centered in this part of town.

The climate in Sonoma is very similar to Mediterranean climate with hot and often very dry summers accompanied by wet, and often rainy, winters. Sonoma Creek is the main source of water. The rich soil that surrounds the creek and valley make Sonoma and the areas surrounding this valley ideal for nurturing plants. There are a number of parks in the area, and showcase some of Sonoma’s natural beauty. These parks include The Maxwell Farms Regional Park and the Sonoma Historical State Park. While these are some of the larger parks in this city, there are smaller ones scattered through the neighborhoods.

Sonoma is a great place to be if you want to surround yourself with great views of the valley and great company. The elegance and charm of the Mexican buildings and the rich history that surrounds this city makes it a great place to begin your property search.