Sebastopol Real Estate Information

Located a little west of Santa Rosa is the city of Sebastopol. This charming town was once filled with plum and apple orchards that now have been replaced by vineyards. Although it is a small town, it has access to the Pacific Ocean and the city, giving real estate here access to everything amazing about Northern California.

Sebastopol formed as a small trade town in the 1850s to support farmers who lived in the area. The California Gold Rush brought many people to the West Coast, increasing the population everywhere, but most especially in the fertile valleys of Northern California. After much cultivation, Sebastopol became the “Gravenstein Apple Capital of the World,” which was enough reason to make it a stop on the Northwestern Pacific Railroad route. In recent years, vineyards have taken over the apple orchards, eliminating the need for a train, but expanding California’s wine region.

Sebastopol has many top-performing public and private school areas surrounding it. Hillcrest Middle School and Analy High School are some of this region’s top performing public schools. Also on this list is Gravenstein Elementary School and Oak Grove Elementary school. If you have children and are looking to move towards this area, you can be assured that your children will have access to great education.

The great part about Sebastopol is that it is only 15 miles away from Sonoma Coast State Beach and Bodega Bay. If you’re yearning for the ocean once you start living in this area, you will not have to venture far to see the ocean and enjoy the cool water. While this is to the west of Sebastopol, to the east you will find Santa Rosa, only 7 miles away. This large city is can definitely keep you occupied on weekends that you want to spend the night out.

Those who are looking for a “greener” lifestyle will definitely enjoy living in Sebastopol as many of the city’s programs are geared to recycling and reducing water and energy usage. There are other community programs implemented to encourage nature preservation or and the use of solar energy.

Sebastopol is a great place to live because of its proximity to the big city as well as all of nature’s delights like the endless green and the ocean not too far off. Those who choose to purchase properties here will be more than pleased with all the great characteristics this small town has to offer.