Rohnert Park Real Estate Information

Directly south of Santa Rosa is the small town of Rohnert Park. Rohnert Park has a close community and is filled with a rich history. This town is surrounded by the characteristic greenery found throughout all of Sonoma County. Property owners here can enjoy all the beauty of Sonoma and still have access to the major cities close to the Bar Area.

Rohnert Park was first inhabited by a tribe of Indians called the Kotate, whose lifestyle utilized the natural resources efficiently. The rich soil and abundance of water that the valley provided gave these inhabitants a generally easy life. Eventually, this part of the Santa Rosa Valley became inhabited by the Spanish and many others throughout the course of the years. It was in the 1920s that Waldo Emerson Rohnert cultivated and worked the land so that flooding would be minimized through a simple drainage system. Once he died, his son, Fred Rohnert, established the Rohnert Seed Farm, which became a major financial success. It was after this family that this town was named after.

Families with younger children who are interested in real estate here will not have to worry about education, as there are a number of elementary and middle schools in the area, some of which have won awards. Rohnert Park is part of the Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified School District, which includes four high schools, three middle schools, and 5 elementary schools. Sonoma State University is also located in Rohnert Park.

There are a number of parks in this region that you can use for recreation throughout the year. These parks include Roberts Lake Park and Honey Bee Park. Those who like to spend their days outside do have use of the town’s community pools. There are five pools, each with lifeguards who strictly enforce any rules, ensuring any pool visitor’s safety. Tennis courts are also available for use. The Foxtail Golf Club is also available for anyone interested. On weekends, the city of Santa Rosa is only 20 minutes away, prefect if you need a day in the city.

Rohnert Park real estate is great if you want a small and tight-knit community that isn’t far removed from the city. You’ll enjoy the beauty evident in the Santa Rosa Valley throughout your days in Rohnert Park.