Petaluma Real Estate Information

Just north of the beautiful and elegant city of San Francisco is Petaluma. This city is charming and alluring as it retains many of its older architectural features. Petaluma has a lot of natural beauty with a river running through the city and plenty of surrounding greenery. Residents here will still have a feast for the eyes as many properties showcase different architectural designs and styles which can make choosing a home difficult, but ultimately worthwhile.

Petaluma was first the name of a Miwok village situated near the eponymous river. This area was mostly quiet throughout the 1700s and through the 1800s, governed for some time by Jose Figueroa. In fact, he commissioned the building of the Rancho Petaluma Adobe, a National Historic Landmark. The population of Petaluma received a massive boost when the California Golf Rush occurred, as this city became a massive supplier of agricultural goods and raw materials to the ever-growing San Francisco. When the San Francisco Earthquake struck in 1906, Petaluma was mostly unharmed because of the bedrock in the ground. Because of that, many buildings were preserved, leading some of them to been used in movies for the old-time atmosphere.

Although Petaluma is one of Sonoma County’s many wine producing regions, it wasn’t wine that made the residents in this area rich. In fact, Petaluma was once called the “Egg Capitol of the World” as it was California’s largest egg producer. In addition to that, the egg incubator was created here.

This city has mild climates, with weather ranging from the 30s to 60s in the winter and 50s through the 80s in the summer. This pleasant weather makes living in Petaluma perfect, as you can take part in outside activities throughout most of the year. Some of these activities include bicycling and hiking to fishing and boating. Of course with the changing seasons comes different activities, and there are many hosted by the community for your family to be involved in.

Petaluma is a beautiful place to live, complimented by both the natural beauty and the structural beauty that has defined this town since the 1900s. You’ll definitely enjoy living here, if not for the outdoors, but for the adventures you can find every day in this historical city.