Healdsburg Real Estate Information

Healdsburg is located in California, fifteen minutes past Santa Rosa. This quiet and charming town is perfect for those who want to be far removed from the city life. Healdsburg is actually the center of many world-class wineries, and can lead any residents to other major wine locations, such as Alexander Valley and Russian River Valley. Properties here certainly give any residents the feel of a close-knit town against the background of the beautiful wineries located in this region.

Officially founded in 1857, this small California town is fairly comfortable to live in evidenced by the many groups of people, such as the Pomo people and later settlers who moved to this fertile valley. It was also one of the main destinations for those during the Gold Rush years. In fact, this region’s name comes from Harmon Heald, winner of the “Westside Road Wars” that erupted between the gold seekers.

Aside from the verdant surroundings, the weather here is almost always pleasant. The climate here is on the cooler side, with the winter months ranging between 30-60 degrees and the summer months ranging from 50-80 degrees. The seasons border on the extremes, with dry summers and wetter winters.

While living in this area, you will have a ton of access to outdoor recreational activities. Many of the places around town are accessible by foot, and you can even cycle to get around. If you want to explore the outdoors, there are hiking trails available through the redwood trees that grow in this area. There are a few parks in this area, including Giori Park and Healdsburg Recreation Park for those who want to spend a weekend outside. The Tayman Park Municipal Golf Course is also available for those who want to spend time on the greens.

Town events certainly bring the community together in this northern California town. With the many vineyards that Healdsburg, you can be certain that there will be many wine related events throughout the year. The town also has a Jazz Festival that’s hosted during the year, as well as a Little League team for children. Cinema Nights are hosted often and broadcast films every week. There are many events held throughout the year and all it takes is a quick search online for residents to find out what’s going on in town.

Real estate in Healdsburg is elegant and charming. You’ll never tire of the endless beauty that surrounds you in this area of California.