Sonoma County Real Estate Information

Sonoma County, located in Northern California, is best known because of the award-winning wineries that call this region home. Although part of California’s Wine Country, Sonoma County has more than just miles of vineyards. Real estate in Sonoma County has access to breathtaking beaches as well as the beautiful rivers that continuously nurture the redwoods so prevalent in this area.

Sonoma has a long, but very interesting, history which begins with the Native Americans. The Pomo, Coast Miwok and Wappo Indians were the first settlers and had villages were scattered throughout this very fertile region. They effectively used the surrounding resources, such as the fertile soil and clean water to live their lives. The next influential settlers included the Mexicans, who founded the Mission San Francisco Solano, where wine-making began in this region. It was during the Bear Revolt in 1846 that the Bear Flag was first flown in the then capital of Sonoma. This flag would eventually become the state flag of California. During the Californian Gold Rush, Sonoma County became a major supplier of raw materials and agricultural goods to new settlers and the growing city of San Francisco. Today, Sonoma County continues to provide fresh produce and dairy products each year.

Sonoma County has similar weather interspersed through each of its neighborhoods. This climate is similar to the Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by cold winters and hot, dry summers. Keep in mind that cities and towns closer to the coast are cooler than inland cities because of the proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Also, the coast is more prone to experiencing fog. Despite this, weather is comfortable throughout the year, making the nature of Sonoma your playground if you choose to buy property here.

Geography here is varied, but Sonoma County is close to the North Coast Ranges of northwestern California, which includes the Mayacamas and the Sonoma Mountains. Of course, where there are mountains, there are bound to valleys. The valleys here are filled with redwoods and oak trees, and are a large part of why Sonoma County is the agricultural success it is today.

Sonoma County has all kinds of things to do and places to see, some of which are unique to the cities and towns that are part of this Californian region. You can guarantee, however, that Sonoma County properties give you beautiful views of the surrounding vineyards and access to a ton of activities and distinctive features of Northern California.